Spice It Up with Dune by Frank Herbert

Click here to get the Dune novel on Amazon Click here to get the Dune picture book on Amazon Click here to get the 2021 Dune movie on Amazon I read this sci-fi masterwork on the eve of the second Dune movie release in March 2024, to find new writing inspiration outside my usual genres. Published in the sixties, it’s a lot older than me and I don’t read sci-fi (er, yeah - I have some catching up to do). My read was triggered when the first movie appeared on Netflix a month back. I wanted to see…

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The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

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Stepping out of my usual genres, I ended 2023 reading (well, skimming really) 'The Hunger Games' to find new writing inspiration in a masterwork. I’m guessing you've been there, done that ... but TBH, teen fantasy isn’t aimed at me and the binge was only triggered when the new fourth instalment was recommended. 'The Running Man' - a 1980s, Arnie, all action flick - flashes through my mind for survival games. The Hunger Games (Book 1) Click here to get it on Amazon Diving into Collins' world is a breeze. The prose flows effortlessly, with perfect analogies for vivid story moments. I often pictured Collins churning out word…

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November Update – History’s Footsteps

Subscribe at bobbymehdwan.com to get these updates in your inbox. I’m developing the third book in the Blue Panther, Liberty One series right now and playing with different ways to move the characters through historical events. It’s good old fashioned scribbling on modern tech at this stage. The pen frees the mind according to an old pyramid principle to separate thinking from writing. I really needed the summer off but knew my head would return to creative pursuits in autumn. Blue Panther was in focus this time last year. Fresh eyes help too. I broke several times, for as long as…

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