How do you deal with writer’s block?

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Thankfully, I've never really experienced writers block and I think there are a few things I do which dodge it. Most important, I keep the bar very low when I have a blank page to fill. I also focus on structure and goals, and imagine what I want to see as a reader (not the author). The writing seems to flow from there. Sometimes I just back off and handwrite ideas so they form sufficiently well first. I call all of this discovery, but others might experience it as writer's block. Once I have a first draft, the…

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New website

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I’ve finally re-launched the website after about a month of intense effort and I am pleased with the outcome given that I’m no developer and, in general, have very little involvement with tech of any sort - out of choice - except I'm in front of a laptop screen practically all my working and waking hours. As I refreshed the site, I remembered when I first created it back in 2016 and felt very relieved I had kept notes. I’d known at the time that what I had learnt about the literal mechanics of creating the site would…

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