September Update – New Liberty One Cover

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I hope you enjoyed a long hot summer.

Despite a sweltering period in Britain, it’s been a busy few months since I last wrote. A lot’s been happening.

Liberty One

Love or Liberty was re-named Liberty One and updated with a second edition. The ebook’s on Amazon and coming soon to other stores, with the print editions to follow. Let me know what you think of the new cover:

Blue Panther

Another book’s in the works! I decided to turn unpublished Liberty One extracts into a prequel.

You can write a book anywhere, anytime and I finished the draft on holiday (got my first dose of Covid too)!

The manuscript’s just back from my editor so I have a bit of work to do before it launches later this year or early 2023. Subscribe at to get it first.

A cover’s also on the way.


The new TikTok channel has grown steadily. You can find it here to stay up to date.

I took a break over the summer but you’ll find regular content there and on other socials.

What I’ve been reading and watching over the summer

  • Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse 5, Mother Night and Cats Cradle. These are WW2, WW2 and A-bomb historical fiction respectively. I’ll do a review of SH5 and Mother Night. I got to Chapter 38 in Cats Cradle then scanned the rest.
  • Obi Wan. For Star Wars fans on Disney+. I watched 2x speed using a Chrome extension.
  • Buzz Lightyear is a more developed version of my favourite astronaut, though I prefer the Toy Story character.
  • The Batman: A darker 2022 take on the caped crusader. I’d watch it again.
  • Top Gun 2. A roller coaster with grandpa and the kids.

Space news

What have I been listening to

There’s a great podcast on Apollo 13 here. If you saw the movie, you’ll know Fred Haise and his fellow spacefarers nearly got stranded on the way to the moon.

Well, until next time…

Stay safe,