April Update – Blue Panther

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We just had a couple of sunny days and the lawnmowers are buzzing again so spring must have sprung. 🌿

Blue Panther

The new book’s being readied for a summer release after an intense February of writing and final editing in March. It’s a terrific prequel to Liberty One, which I first drafted at the same time. Stay tuned here for the best launch offers, but here’s a tantalising reveal:

In the meantime, please reply if you’d like to proof read the new book and pen an Amazon review. It’s shorter than Liberty One but packed with goodness. Just a few words will do to really help its launch. 😀

For now, here’s a teaser:

The Reds are spreading their twisted shadow. Can he hold freedom’s line and avoid a fatal crash-landing?

1949. Jim Cobb is living the American dream. Head over heels for his high-school sweetheart, the energetic eighteen-year-old’s biggest dilemma is picking a college major. But he defiantly parks his ambitions to enlist as a naval aviator after learning the Commies have killed his reconnaissance pilot father.

Stubbornly holding his own against bullying lieutenants who want to see him fail, Jim sees a chance at the payback he craves when America piles into the Korean War. And though a devastating personal tragedy sours his determination, the daring teen can’t wait to take on the enemy and fly into the frontlines.

Will this patriot’s true-blooded enthusiasm survive the deadly Red threat?

Blue Panther is an epic historical military thriller. If you like genuine heroes, snippets of romance, and gripping combat scenes, then you’ll enjoy Bobby Mehdwan’s high-octane Cold War drama.

Sputnik moment

You no doubt heard about mysterious Chinese balloons hovering over the US recently. One was brought down over Yukon, which is also a breathtaking location in Liberty One. I was reminded of America’s 1957 Sputnik moment which sparked the whole space race. You’ll be able to experience that for yourself in Blue Panther.


We continue to hear alarming nuclear rhetoric from the Kremlin, though diplomatic circles say that’s Russia being Russia.

In 1964 Castro was ready to fire Soviet nukes from Cuba but Khrushchev realised his folly and aborted. It’s this crisis which kicks-off Liberty One, as you know. Here’s a great short podcast in which JFK discusses the build up in August of that year. Listen to the follow on and the prior episodes too, one of which covers the accelerating space race. And enjoy the cute sixties adverts. 👍



60Strategies.com had a makeover ahead of Blue Panther’s launch, taking on the theme of the books. The book’s now available in stores well beyond Amazon, as well as in London libraries. I love it and hope you like it too.

Liberty One

Liberty One also had an update with a new edition now available. A couple of extended flashbacks from the first edition are now part of the Blue Pantherstoryline instead.

You can win a free copy in a historical fiction bundle with other authors. I’ll let you know more in a few weeks but keep an eye on the socials too if you want to participate.

If you haven’t already got it, don’t forget to download the Liberty One playlist on Spotify and let me know your favourite track.

What Made Me Laugh

Some great scenes in Blue Panther still make me laugh after several re-reads, though bumbling Boris also never fails to entertain. Johnson threatened to return to No.10 when the UK government fell apart late last year. He got Ukraine’s vote if nothing else. I think you’ll agree, no other campaign could have said it better. 🤣

Race To Space

After several aborted attempts, NASAs giant orange SLS carrot finally made it to the Moon. Sixty years after the originals, new November 2024 Artemis Moon crew were also announced. Find out more here:


The Group 3/4 Apollo crew were originally made public in 1962/63, at a time when diversity wasn’t even an idea. You’ll be able to experience it in Liberty One.

Unfortunately for Britain, Branson’s Virgin Orbit went to the wall after its failed satellite launch earlier this year. Hopefully, Galactic will continue to fly space tourists in the near future so keep saving!

What I’ve been reading and watching

  • Page Eight is a 2011 British spy movie on Netflix with an all star cast, though very clichéd characters. The Home Secretary was good.
  • I also saw Interstellar again after a few years. It’s always good but can be a mind-bender the first time. I learn something new with every viewing. The tesseract at the end has been an enduring mystery but I think it’s just time experienced as a physical space … Einstein would have known. 🤔

Other Weird Stuff

We’ve tried spotting shooting stars several times at home but rarely caught one. You can, of course, get a ‘similar’ experience on demand in Liberty One.

Fear not. A Japanese space company will bring us artificial meteor showers in 2025. So long, fireworks. Read about it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/65154705


Have a glance at these book reviews if you missed any and need a good read (click the title name):Checkmate in Berlin: Loved it! I was glued and thrilled beginning to end. You must read this book first, and take it with you if you visit Berlin with an eye on history. It also illuminates Russia’s war in 2022 in many ways.

Slaughterhouse-Five: Very readable WW2 fiction, if you can get over the odd combination of Dresden vs aliens and Eternalism, and an ambiguous ending.

Astronaut Wives Club: A great non-fiction book which does exactly what it says in the title.

Rocket Men: Another amazing book which retells mankind’s first foray to the moon on Apollo 8.

The Book of Daniel: A thriller which echoes the fate of the real Rosenbergs, convicted and executed as American Communists during the fifties Red Scare.

And Finally…

If you’ve just joined us, welcome. It’s good to have you. 👋

Don’t forget to hit reply if you’d like to proof read and review Blue Panther. And look out for the Liberty One historical fiction bundle in a few weeks.

Until then, spring into summer. 🌞

Stay safe,